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Enabling Emergence: The Bentley Blockade and the Struggle for a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers

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Living in the Anthropocene #2 - Opening presentation


Presentation slides from LitA #2, UTS Business School, Sydney, 24th August 2015 - Kenneth McLeod

Living in the Anthropocene #1 - Slides


Presentation slides from LitA #1, UTS Business School, Sydney, 21st July 2015 - Kenneth McLeod, Suzanne Benn, Christopher Wright

Can humans survive the Anthropocene?


Clive Hamilton

Approaching a state shift in Earth's biosphere


Peer reviewed paper by 22 leading scientists

Green Economy, Sarcity, Buen Vivir, Degrowth


An excellent overview of some key issues in the discussion about alternatives to the growth economy.

Kathleen McAfee, International Relations, San Francisco State University.


Massive Small Project


It is a time of rapid urbanisation worldwide, yet most in authority can do almost nothing to guide urban change. Planning is sidelined, and people are looking for other ways to shape their own habitat. This situation has become the ‘new normal’. 

Climate and Captial: On Conjoined Histories


Dipesh Chakrabarty

Art in the Anthropocene


Heather Davis and Etienne Turpin

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